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Our Children's Ministry is committed to providing a safe and fun space where children can learn about the teachings of Jesus and grow in their faith. With Sunday School and Junior Church, we aim to guide and nurture our young ones as they discover the love of Jesus. Join us and be part of a community that is dedicated to loving and supporting our children.


At our Youth Ministry, we believe that young people can play a pivotal role in changing the world. That’s why we provide a space for high school and college students to come together, learn about the Bible and grow in their faith together. In these formative years, our goal is to challenge young minds and equip them with the tools they need to become confident, faithful adults.



Welcome to our Senior Classes! Our program is designed to encourage growth and foster learning for our golden members. We believe that as we advance in years, God still has incredible things to teach us. Join us and let's continue to learn and grow together.


Our discipleship class, led by Pastor Bender, is designed for adults of all ages. Join us as we explore the teachings of the Bible and grow in our faith together.


The Connections Class is an adult elective at the Afton church that meets on Sunday mornings. Originally a ladies' Sunday school class, it has expanded to reach across several states and British Columbia through Facebook Live. The mission of the class is to provide a sense of connection among participants and to make it easy to connect to God. Men and women study together, pray together, and connect their hearts to each other and God.

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